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We have been able to add new elements to this family project year after year, combining the experience of those who have been with us since the beginning with the new ideas and energy of those who join this team, in a constant search for improvement and evolution.

Chief Manuel Santos

Manuel Santos joined the Casa da quinta.
With creativity and energy, he knows how to work as a team and is the perfect complement to our growing business. Come and enjoy your professionalism!


Jóse Fernandes

Born in 1952 in the north of Portugal, he soon moved to the Algarve to develop his professional life.
A fighter, entrepreneur and dreamer a family man.
The restaurant started in 1992 with the name Casa da Golfe, in 2011 it reformulated the restaurant and changed the name to Casa da quinta.
A concept based on quality and family.

Equipa: Nosso time
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